Cazedarnes Equestrian

Optimising performance through wholistic health and therapy

Cazedarnes Equestrian enables owners to improve the health and performance of their horse, through looking at the horse in its entirety.  We specialise in partnering with you to create the best athlete and partner your horse can be.

What we do:

  • Sports massage, including modalities of red light therapy, cycloid vibration therapy, stretching, and kinesio taping we can help to both pinpoint issues, and maintain muscles in peak condition.
  • Independent diet and feeding advice, using either feeds and supplements of your choice or recommendations for feeds that best fit your horses' current needs.
  • Health and performance management education, for groups, pony clubs, agistment centres etc., can help to provide a deeper understanding of how your horse works, and access to evidence based information will enable you to feel more confident making decisions about your horse's health, and keep them in prime condition, and ready to perform at their best!
  • Improving management of other health needs such as worming advice and faecal egg counts, and general horse management