Cazedarnes Equestrian

Optimising performance through wholistic health and therapy

Tracy is available for presentations and education sessions to groups, to give independant, up-to-date, and practical information on the topics (or combination of) listed below:

Horse Management 101 - A great session for beginning and novice horse owners (or their parents!)

Horse Health 101/First Aid - This topic covers how to check your horses 'normal' parameters, and how to monitor its health with the use of these as a tool.  It also covers what to keep in a first aid kit, and when to call a vet now, tomorrow or in a day or so.

Horse Digestion - Understandind their digestion, to make better decisions about nutrition

Nutrition - What is the best feeds, and how can I work this out for myself?

New Worming Paradigm - Why changing of worming practices is critical in the fight against resistance to wormers

Electrolytes - which salt for which horse, and what do they do?

Horse Biomechanics and Locomotion - How does the horse carry its rider, and how it is important to understand the musculature and skeletal structure of your mount

Exercise Physiology - How to get the best out of your performance horse

Normal Reproductive cycles - Not aimed at experienced breeders, but those who would like some more scientific information regarding their stallions and mares 'normal' cycles.

Individual requirements for courses can also be catered for.  

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